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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frosted Goatberries...

...not for breafast! I'm up too early. The sun is still behind the mountains. But I can already tell it's a clear, cold morning, with a thick coating of frost on everything that's standing still... The goats are warm in their little cabin, but their yard is frozen and slippery... including the scattering of "berries" they leave everywhere they go. What great compost they make for us! Rick has been at work out there the last couple of days, raking things up and making nice covered piles of poopy straw - away from windows and neighbors - to simmer until spring. That's one of his jobs I didn't bother with while he was away. A girl has to have limits...

We're getting back into our old routines here, but with a few minor changes. It's surprising to me how quickly I got used to doing things my own way. So we're negotiating a few things. I like a tidy, clutter-free house. Not all pinched up and spotless. Just not like we have bears living with us. It's calmer that way. Everyone is happier, and somehow smoother when living space is cared for just a little bit. So clutter is banished...except in the office... it has to have someplace to hang out, kind of like teenagers.

The other big thing is we need a new bed. It's all clear to me now. I thought my tendency toward insomnia was just because I'm getting close to 50... hormones going whacko, menopause at my doorstep, all that fun stuff. As it turns out, it's really because two big people can't stretch out and be comfortable in a too-small bed. I slept like a baby while Rick was gone, but now that he's home I'm awake half the night and up much too early... Duh! We're going out this morning to buy a puffy new king size mattress. Soon I will be much more cheerful.

Sun's up. Time to get it all moving. Enjoy your day...


Cathy, in Oregon said...

Hi Kim,

hey, I'm "off topic" but want you to know how much I *LOVE* Pandora Internet Radio. It's fabulous! Thanks for mentioning it. I've started six stations and deleted half of them. I'm working today, making jewelry for the holiday shows, and listening to my favorite station: Cat Steves Radio.

I'm sure that says volumes about me! :-)

Bead on.


I love the heart rocks. No surprise that they are from Oregon!!! My beautiful state.

Cathy, in Oregon said...

oops, make that Cat STEVENS Radio