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Saturday, October 28, 2006

I woke up late this morning. Darn! Too late to go out and see the balloons launch. But I did see them from my window, the minute I woke up. It's like they were saying - Hey! Get up! Look at this gorgeous day! If you look closely, you can see them way out there by the mountains... (I think if you click on the pictures they get bigger. I don't know... try it!)
...but that was too far away for me, so I threw on my bathrobe and walked down the driveway, and a little ways up the street. Surely the neighbors are used to me by now...
... I zoomed the camera in so I could show you what I saw. Yes, it's a very small balloon "rally", but still... it's a small town, and we like our small events. They're flying again tomorrow morning if the weather holds. I'm hoping for just the slightest breeze to blow them over our house. Wonder what the goats would think of that? I remember the ranchers in Nevada would get pretty upset if balloons flew too low over the cows... poor dears would get freaked out and stop giving milk!
We're having some friends over for dinner tonight. Folks we haven't seen for months, even though we all live here. The busy travel season is over, and now it's that social time of year. We have something going on about every other night next week. I don't know how I'll get my work done too, but I always manage. Tonight I'm cooking. A rare event all by itself! I have a loosely formed recipe in my head for veggie tamale pie. I'm usually a good spontaneous cook, so I'll keep track of what I'm doing, and give you the "recipe" later.

Have a good weekend! Might as well!


Erin said...

I love seeing those pictures of hot air balloons in the morning...some of my fondest childhood memories are of waking up early with my dad and going ballooning. I remember you being there sometimes...
Lauren is so grown up! I still think of her as this sweet little blond girl next door.
Your mother is so gorgeous...the perfect shade of blond that I aspire to. You look like her. I was telling my sister Jill about your blog and we were talking, she said, "Kim was always so beautiful," we all thought of you as this goddess with cool jewelry...we were making bakers dough pumpkins with our sons last week and remembered these fat lady figures you made, without heads. And I remember you suggested one holloween, that I be a punk rocker. "What is a punk rocker?" but I felt very cool after you did me up!
Erin Cressaty

Ruth Redfern said...

I love hot air ballooning. I see that there is a Remax balloon in your town also. One day I hope to attend the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico. I feel a bit of envy that you live so close. Enjoy!