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Friday, April 13, 2007

Consider The Yurt

The talking, exploring-of-options, research phase of our next move is well under way, and has sort of a life of its own. Tiny Houses still seem interesting, but we need to stay open-minded at this point. This morning the idea of a yurt was plopped literally in my lap, as I sat in bed, reading the paper, and watching the snow fall outside... again... We have a friend here who lives in a yurt - or more accurately, a "ger", but I'll use yurt because it fits better in my mouth.

(I'm going to wander off for a moment here, for a side story... When we had the pizza shop in Seattle, the owners of the Chinese restaurant next door had a young daughter, who often came over to visit us. She was trying to teach me how to say her name, which was spelled "Shu Yu", but pronounced more like "Sue Yee". I mangled it beyond recognition, and she finally threw her little hands in the air and gave up, saying, "Oh! You just don't have a Chinese mouth!")

Anyway, my friend Jill bought a yurt some time ago, to live in while she builds her real house. It's beautiful and cozy, but I always felt it was too small for full-time living. Now I'm discovering that yurts come in all sizes, so we could actually have room to twirl around if we felt the need. Other encouraging points are the cost, which is a lot less than even the tiniest of tiny houses, and the fact that they built to stand up to hurricanes, earthquakes, and heavy snow.

A couple of good resources to get you started on your own yurting adventure:, and the book, Yurts: Living In The Round, which just happens to be written by a Taos woman.

I'm off and running, but my mind is running even faster...


marymaryquitecontrary said...

A Nomadic live sounds like bliss. Apparently a Yurt can be erected by one person I one hour; so Rick could erect it while you go shopping for that new wardrobe you have been thinking about. When you arrive home tea will be on the table, curtains hung and the Champagne opened.

Michelle (England) said...

....reminds me of that US TV series, 'Petrocelli' !! ...but this doesn't look like it takes forever !!

Meghan said...

I stayed in one of these in Big Sur, CA, right on the cliff overlooking the coast. Best vacation ever. They really are wonderful inventions!