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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's Your Job?

"Summer" by Phill Singer

I've been struggling lately, trying to figure out just exactly what my "job" is. Sure, I'm a beadmaker, I support my family with my work, I'm a mom and a wife. But those are more what I do than what I am. Those are tasks within the bigger job of being human. I'm talking about "Job" as in Higher Calling.

Another task is to talk. We all share that one - the need to communicate, to share, to help each other. I use my blog here to tell you about things that seem important to me as I travel the internet. Read it or don't, it's one of my tasks. The latest bit is that it seems the FDA is quietly trying to control our ability to purchase vitamins and herbs, by requiring them all to be labeled as "drugs", which would then make it possible for the pharmaceutical companies to make even more money than they already do. I haven't had time to dig deep and find out how likely this really is to happen, but I think I'd better do it soon - like today. There's a sneaky deadline coming right up, and I sure don't want those greedy buzzards telling me I need to go to a doctor and get a prescription for my vitamin C! I'll let you do the digging for yourself this time, since I know it's not really my job... check it out at We have only until April 30th make our thoughts known to the FDA.

After learning about that one yesterday morning, I was kind of disturbed, and decided to keep myself of disconnected for a while, ignoring email, playing CDs in the studio, and leaving the local radio and TV off. At 3:00 I decided to watch Ellen for a little outside company, and clicked the TV on, only to see Charlie Gibson reporting the news about Virginia Tech. So much for disconnection... Suddenly I was swamped with sadness and just stood frozen to the studio floor, weeping for those kids, their families, the whole sorry world...

And then I realized I had to snap out of it. It's not helpful to anyone for me to take on the world's pain. It occurred to me that it would be much less self-indulgent, and much more of a community service if I did my best to float on top of it, stay positive, and keep doing what I do best - make beads. I'm pretty sure that it's my Job to make beautiful things every day, adding light to a dark world. Making a living is one thing, but it's my Job to make beauty.

The rest is busywork. But interestingly, one person's busywork might be another person's higher calling. So talk to me here. Talk to each other. What's your Job?


Jean said...

My father almost became a priest. Instead he fell in love with my mother. His "job" was to take us, my sister and me, as children, and teach us how to love. I am glad he did this, because my job has been to wholeheartedly love my children, first and foremost.

Anonymous said...


I love the job you do, your hearts these last 2 weeks have been so wonderful.

My job has been in limbo these past few years. After leaving a mom & pop print shop job of 12+ years, I've been struggling to find my purpose.

My passion has been bead work but I've not been able to make a "living" at it. I keep making beaded things and am happy with my pieces, maybe I'm supposed to make these things for my family and friends and not make a "living" by them.

Thanks for your blog and wonderful art!

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp
aka Night Beader

Meghan said...

What an interesting discussion, and you have lovely *work*. I have struggled with this a lot of my life, and I have the same reaction the the destruction of the world. I feel blessed to have finally found a large part of what I feel my Job document love and an important time in the life of families...ones just beginning and people that will soon be gone. I photograph weddings. I hope that I contribute to the world with beauty and memories. :)

I'll stop by again sometime,