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Sunday, April 29, 2007

with the flow...

My best ideas always hit me first thing in the morning. Today it was a doozy. I totally misunderstood a sentence I read in a magazine, and out of that, came a great idea for a book. I'm writing it. I started today, by the river at Embudo Station, with Rick, good food, and a nice bottle of wine. I had Rick snap this picture because this is the visual I want for this year of writing. Me, in the sun, by the river, relaxed and happy. It will take a year. It's about a year, so it has to take that long.

Now I need to get organized with the day to day stuff. I'm smartest in the morning, so I'll do the writing then. Email has to be answered of course, but it might be less chatty than usual. Then there's the blog. I want to keep it up because it's totally different from The Book, and it's good practice. I might have to get up earlier, get moving earlier, make longer days somehow... it seems somewhat insane, but when the gods plop a Good Idea in your lap, it's considered very bad manners to ignore it.

I'll keep you posted, of course. More details in a while. And beads too. Always beads. Beads are life as I know it. Stay tuned... I think things are going to get kind of interesting.


Michelle (across the pond!) said...

Hi Kim ! Lovely picture !! What a lovely place to sit, have a picnic and write ! It looks so lovely and peaceful. Look forward to your book, so I'll stay tuned!

Mary Timme said...

A book eh? Ambitious woman you! Whew! I've done novels, but not a book like a how to! Which type is yours. Sounds interesting though. Nice visual.