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Friday, April 20, 2007

there's HOPE!

Bet you could use some good news, huh? I find it swirling all around me this morning, but I'll start with one little bit... I'm going to be selling the beautiful HOPE Bracelets on my website soon! Until now, all the bracelets made each year in Yetebon, Ethiopia were only sold at a couple of places in Denver. No one really knew how to make them available online, so I decided to add another little bit to my Job Description and volunteer to handle the web sales. These bracelets are all gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, and hand made by the folks participating in the HOPE Project in Yetebon. The beads are mostly donated by U.S. beadmakers, but there's now a studio in the village, where they're learning to make their own lovely beads, and eventually become self-supporting.

I love this project. It's all about "teaching people to fish", but because it involves beads, it's very dear to my heart. This is what I mean when I say "Beads for a better world"!

I should have about 25 bracelets in my hands in a few days. Once I photograph them and post them on a new page within my website, I'll put the word out that they're ready to go. This year's bead roundup is about finished, and the beads we're collecting now will go with volunteers to Ethiopia in October, to be made into more bracelets. I think it will be great to give you all the opportunity to buy these without having to travel to Denver! They aren't just beautiful jewelry. They're changing the world!

To learn more about the HOPE Bracelet Project, visit my HOPE CHALLENGE PAGE.


Jean said...

This rules!!!

Michelle (England) said...

Those bracelets are gorgeous Kim, looking forward to seeing those on your Too Buy page !!! ;o)