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Friday, April 27, 2007

We have two cats who live in the studio. Jerry, the orange one, is a mighty hunter who loves to bring mice inside and let them go. Not very good for pest control, but at least he's generous about sharing his toys...

Yesterday morning I saw Jerry on point, and heard something rustling behind the display case. "Rick! We have a mouse!" We both grabbed leather gloves and started moving furniture, and there he was, the cutest little bunny in the world. Rick caught him, and we headed out across the road to the open field to let him go, but quickly realized that his family wasn't over there, and dogs or hawks would get him in no time. So back home to find a big plastic box to keep him in while we figured out what to do next. We made him a bed from some clean straw we keep for the goats, picked some fresh alfalfa from the yard, filled a little bowl with water, and got a baby carrot from the fridge. Here's a picture of Bunny and Rhino, sharing a carrot...

I kept him in the studio with me all day, making sure he wasn't injured, and waiting for evening, when we feed the cats and lock them inside for the night. Then I took him out and let him go. There was no sign of him this morning, so I have to believe that he found his mommy. As for Jerry - I made him a nice new necklace, complete with beads and three bells!


Anonymous said...

How sweet! I'm so glad that you were able to save the little guy!

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp
Night Beader

Francoise said...

Drop dead cute...!!
Our house is a hospital for lost or wounded animals, mostly birds, we're getting good at feeding and releasing them. We even had a wounded racoon once (yep, a couple of miles from downtown Montreal!)... We let professionals take care of this one (he was quite large and scared), we were told he was released out of town the next week.
;+) Fran├žoise

Michelle (across the pond!) said...

Hi Kim, you're just like me ! I have to do that quite often, Ollie (our black/white cat) he catches mice quite often, and I go and rescue the poor little things. I did exactly the same as you last year, and also have to believe he found his Mum too ! Ollie has also has 3 bells on his collar !! ;o)