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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I saw an article on "how to find seven extra hours a week" - or something like that. I didn't actually read it, because that would have taken 10 minutes that are already missing. But I think I've found a better way of getting more out of a day... Insomnia! It's amazing how wide awake and full to the brim with thoughts one can be at 2AM... I know because I've been doing this all week. From now on, I'm going to leave my laptop in the living room, so I can quietly catch up on email, surf, research, shop, and write until I'm empty, and can sleep again...

Happy Earth Day tomorrow! I remember being at a celebration of the very first Earth Day, in San Jose, in 1970. It was inspiring and fun. Now it's just flat out important. We're not happy hippies, romping in the park anymore. We've made a lot of messes, and it's time to get serious and clean up.

There are so many small things that will help hugely. Look around. The information is out there. If we all make some small, easy changes, the results will be big. We might even get to keep living on this planet. Wouldn't that be nice?

In our house, we already have low-flow shower heads, recycle (though New Mexico is pretty behind the times on that), use refillable Nalgene water bottles, take our own washable to-go containers to restaurants, use cloth grocery bags, and have changed almost all our light bulbs to the super-efficient compact fluorescent ones. Today I joined For a pee-wee $36 a year, they do all the busywork of taking your name off junk-mailing lists, and plant a tree a month for you too. What a great idea!

I hope you'll do a little something in celebration of our beautiful shared home. Hmmm, I might even go pick up beer bottles from the side of the road and see if I can make some beads out of them!

Happy Earth Day to you!

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