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Sunday, October 14, 2007

feelin' the love

Well, well... I have to say I'm kind of overwhelmed by your responses to "Talk to me". (But before I go on, can one be simply "whelmed", without being overwhelmed? One of the many things I wonder about.) Anyway, I truly was/am open to some constructive criticism. I'm thrilled to have so much open-minded support, and still I realize that I'm in a competitive business, and I need to stay sharp. I'm always aware that making changes in my "business plan" is risky. I lose a few people each time I mess with things. But I know in my arty little heart, that if I leave things comfortable and familiar, they will soon become stagnant and dull, and so I keep thinking, changing, tweaking, learning-as-I-go. Somewhere, down the road a piece, I can see a book on all of my experience in growing a small, hands-on business. Those who have followed me all these years are really getting the advance copy of the book, and I congratulate you on your courage and character!

For me, the Big Picture will always have to have room for "adjustments". The bead world is growing and changing at alarming rates, as is the internet world. I regularly read jewelry/fashion/design/marketing publications, in hopes of coming across a useful nugget of knowledge now and then. The underlying theme is "adapt or die". So what you can still expect from me is a truthful, if sometimes blabby, blog, and ch-ch-ch-changes in the way I do business as often as they seem useful to me. I'll do my best to not jerk you around or confuse you. I'll also try my best to treat you as the intelligent, insightful, free thinkers you've shown yourselves to be. Thank you all for your thoughts. I'm blushing a little bit, but I do appreciate all the lovely praise. How cool would it be if we all sent someone a Special Email Of Encouragement each day? Maybe we can start a movement somehow... Ready, set, go! Tell someone how great you think they are. I'm telling you ALL, here and now, I have the best bunch of friends/customers in the world. Fabulous Humans, each and every one of you! And I hope you're blushing too... a bit of pink makes the world look pretty.


Michelle (Across the Pond) said...

Quite agree Kim, 'tweaking' is good !! - don't want to become stagnant !! Change is good, sometimes ! Love the pink blushing heart ;o)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on needing change. I think the jewelry business is slowing down a bit and I belong to Etsy also. The economy is slowing. I just noticed that another well known beadmaker is also going to Etsy. I cannot see the problem with your going to Etsy-it is certainly less frustrating than having to jump on those beads immediately.

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Dear Anonymous - please tell us who the other beadmaker on Etsy is! Thanks!

Linda Strugala said...

Keep doing what you're doing, Kim. Yeah, it does cause us to bristle when someone offers constructive criticism, but bottom line is you have to make a living, but your living shouldn't control your life. You are an artist and a business woman who needs to find the most expedient way to mix the two. So, that being said, you gotta do what works for you and your family/your life. There will still be plenty of us along for the ride. The naysayers will miss the fun.
Linda Strugala