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Friday, October 19, 2007

Speaking of chilly weather...
I'm finding myself searching Etsy Shops first when I need to buy a gift for someone... or even when I don't. I'm also starting to gather little gifties for my kids' Christmas stockings... they're all in their 20's, but still want the Socks! I'm all over supporting real people making real things. I refuse to buy into the lazy Walmart Mentality! I want Good Stuff made by people who care and are paid a fair wage for their work. That would be other artists!

Last night I found these beautiful merino wool arm warmers at Overcast, an Etsy Shop based in New Zealand. I had to buy them. My fingers get cold when I'm working at the computer, and I'm already a terrible typist, so frozen fingers only make it worse. Looks like she still has a couple of these snuggly wonders left... go get 'em! We'll be twins!

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