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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Happy Birthday Jim

This is completely embarrassing. Rick, Karena, and I sang Happy Birthday to Jim last night, over a wonderful chocolate cake. Jim is in New York, so in order to get the song to him, we made this dumb little video. Then I couldn't get the video to attach to an email... so here we are, publicly humiliating ourselves, because we feel very strongly about getting this Special Birthday Wish where it belongs. Happy Birthday Jim! A day late, but just as heartfelt!


Jean said...

well I am a pool of tears! he is downstairs now. WAIT TIL HE SEES IT!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU !!! --I WILL QUOTE HIM , when he views!!!!

Jean said...

Jim says, "I am going to save that forever and play it on my birthday -- and probably some other days in between! -- for the REST OF MY LiFE!!! In fact, I might just play it EVERY morning!"