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Friday, October 26, 2007

up in the air

Our daughter, Julia, is taking a couple of classes at UNM Taos this semester. Spanish, and "something about radio and TV". The radio/TV class somehow got her an internship through one of the local radio stations. And within a couple of weeks, she was offered an actual job, on the air, as a morning personality/DJ. We're so excited for her. This is really a perfect thing for our smart, witty, chatty girl.

The only drawback... it's a "new country" show she's doing... not exactly my cup of tea... or warm beer... But we listen in now and then, and she does a great job. And how's this for having a charmed life - this morning she was broadcasting from a hot air balloon! Totally cool. It's a gorgeous morning, just perfect for balloons. Rick and I went up on the roof to get a better view. Not many out there today, but this is our annual Balloon Rally in town, so they'll be around all weekend. I think I might have to goof off a little bit, and go get a closer look.

And speaking of big round things in the sky, did you see that crazy full moon last night? Oh my..... I could have sat out there in it's glow all night. Just beautiful! Now I'm inspired to get my Halloween costume together and go out and do a little howling. Sometimes a girl just needs to howl... you know? I'm quite sure I'm overdue. Nothing better than Halloween for clearing cobwebs. More on all that later.

Now go outside, look up, and see whatever there is to see. Bet it's better than what you see when you're looking down... unless you're in southern California... To all of you, be safe and well, and if you want to come to Taos, we'll try to find room for you somehow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great opportunity! Today Oregon moved to Montana, clear, cold and windy, not typical at all. It was 30 at my house with a good 20mph wind. Dry and cold--welcome home! And the moon this morning was amazing, at 6:00ish. Life is good when we get the chance to remember. Take real good care! Ryan

Jean said...

congratulations to Julia!!! hooray and balloons all around!