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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Rick and I will be celebrating this favorite time of year from tonight, when we dress up and go into town to see all the little (and big) Tricksters, in search of Treats, through to the weekend, when New Mexico celebrates Dia de los Muertos. I've never been very good at communicating with spirits, but it's also a good time to look inward and contemplate what's going on in our own spirits. We'll be sure to walk the labyrinth tonight. Hope you have a good time too!

And my newest Favorite Treat...
I love candy corn. LOVE it. Make it "healthy" by eating raw almonds along with it. Recipe: One candy corn, one almond. Pop in mouth and chew! Trust me on this.... it's wonderful!


Michelle (across the Pond) said...

Hope you had a good night Kim !! Didn't drink too many 'spirits' hee hee !!!
It was quite quiet over here, but then that Trick or Treat business comes from you guys !!

Anonymous said...;_ylc=X3oDMTIzOTVxaTRxBF9TAzc4NDcxNzI0MARfcwMxNDQ4OTExNQRwcnRucl9pZAMyMTE4MTE4BHNlYwNhZmZpbGlhdGUEc2xrA2xhbmRpbmc-?rd=1&p=Candy%20Corn&view=g&AID=10473284&PID=2118118&SID=CTTys1k328624-3819

It hugely long url. Have fun, Halloween is Tim's BD and for years he thought people did this just for him! He's 23 this year but is still convinced that he has the coolest birthday.