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Friday, November 02, 2007

last call at the Goat Lounge

Today was the day...
The goats moved to their new home, with their new people. It's good. It's beyond good. Still, I can't stop crying...

The whole day was pretty much about the goats. We brought them out to the apple trees this morning and let them eat all the yummy, nasty stuff on the ground. They had a little romp in the labyrinth too, and Lucy got to chase their little goaty heels one more time.

Then their new dad, Stuart, came with a beautiful trailer to move them in. We followed them out there, just to complete the transition. Somehow, waving g'bye at the driveway didn't seem adequate.

Forty-five minutes later, we were at Stuart and Robin's place. It's a wonderful 40-acre-sage-wood on the mesa. They have six horses, a couple of dogs, assorted cats, and now, three terrific goats. They fenced in a generous piece of land for them, and built a sweet little house, insulated against the coming winter. They'll even have their own water catchment system, which is nice, because goats do love lots of fresh water.

We really couldn't ask for better people to adopt our beloved goats. I know they'll be very happy there. All this sadness on my part is self-indulgent and silly. Still... I have to go through it to get out of it. These days and weeks most recently, seem to be all about letting go and non-attachment. Not easy stuff. But as any self-respecting gypsy will tell you, you can't hold on to the Things in your life, or they'll only hold you down.

Goats, certainly, are not mere Things, but valued Friends along the way. We've taught them to be gentle, loving friends by being the same to them. They, in turn, have taught us to slow down, scratch between the horns, and relax in the sunset light. A fair exchange if there ever was one.

And now, our heartfelt thanks to the Goats, and to Stuart & Robin, their new People.
Life is good. Don't avoid Love because it might hurt someday. It's all worth it.


Nance said...

Good but come your moving?

Michelle Across The Pond said...

Ah, that's so sad Kim, reading it made the tears well up in MY eyes too :o(
So sad, you'll miss those lovely goaties, still have fond memories of them though and your lovely photos. I agree, not to avoid love becuase it may hurt some day, animals are lovely to have and ALWAYS sad when they go, by whatever means.