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Monday, November 05, 2007

there's always HOPE!

I find the best way to stop feelin' sorry for myself is to do something for somebody else. Honest... I'm not some goody-goody who runs around philanthropizing all over everybody because I'm nice. Ick! don't call me nice if you want me to keep liking you! Truth is, I involve myself with certain organizations because it makes me feel good. Totally selfish. I admit it.

The HOPE Bracelet Project is at the top of my list because it's all about beads helping people make their own lives better. Each year, in the early fall, volunteers take thousands of donated beads to Yetebon, Ethiopia, where they're lovingly made into beautiful, one-of-a-kind bracelets by the folks in the village. The volunteers also help out in the bead studio, coaching the budding new beadmakers there as they work their way toward a self sufficient operation. "Learning to fish", as it were.

And now comes the fun part for all you shoppers. The annual First Pick Party is set for Friday, November 9th, at Strings Restaurant in Denver. Info is HERE.

If you live in the Denver area, don't miss this party! If you can't be there, there's still HOPE! This year there will be ONLINE BRACELET SALES, starting around November 10th. Info on that will be found HERE, as soon as the site is up and running.

These sure would make great gifts for your favorite people this holiday season. Better get one for yourself too. Doing "something good" for someone can also include a little pampering for you! And you might even be able to snag one with some of my beads in it!

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