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Sunday, November 11, 2007

wanna buy a bracelet?

The new crop of HOPE Bracelets are finally available online!
Here's the link to the Cunningham Foundation. Better hurry!

I'm so re-excited about this project. It's hard to explain. I just love seeing that something I'm so easily able to do is doing so much good. We all want to know where our efforts go, don't we? I mean, Rick and I, as devout Beadists, give a percentage of our income to several worthy causes, but we usually don't really know where the money goes. In big organizations, a lot of it goes to administrative costs. Sure, it takes money to keep these things going. I'm not saying it should be any different. I just think it's really great to see that so much of the Bead Money that the HOPE Project raises actually goes to the people we're raising it for. I'm all warm and fuzzy, and it's not the lack of sleep or the good red wine...

We're home from Denver this evening, and had lots of time to ponder and talk in the car today. One thing that came up over and over again among the folks in Denver is the near-desperate need for silver beads to use in the bracelets. So of course I'm scratching my head and wondering how I can make silver appear out of thin air... Ha! Got it! From now on, $1 from each bead I sell will go to the HOPE Project for silver, or whatever else they might need more. We have to give some money away anyway, so we'll just make sure a good part of it goes where our hearts truly are - the HOPE Bracelet Project and the kids who are benefiting so much from it. It's that One Dollar Principal again. Magic will happen. You watch! I can see what happens next... we'll have to visit Ethiopia. Yep, I think we will.
And if all that isn't enough to make your heart sing, visit a little restaurant called Water Course Foods, on 17th and Emerson in Denver. I do believe I found the World's Best Breakfast Burrito, with green chile better than any we've eaten in New Mexico. I'd show you what it looked like, but I ate it all up before I thought to get my camera out...


Cindy Brown said...

Having you and Rick take the time to drive to Denver for the First Pick Party was such an honor for us! Words just can't express our thanks to you for inspiring the HOPE Challenge and your continuing flow of new ideas and positive energy.
You're da BEST!

Brent Weaver said...

I noticed that you sent quite a bit of traffic to the store yesterday - so thanks Kim. We are almost sold out online!

It was great meeting you all on Friday night and we look forward to sharing lots of video, photos, and more bracelets when we get back.