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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Headed for Denver...

Well, well... we're going to Denver this weekend. We hadn't planned on it at all. Weren't even considering it until yesterday. And then we started to wonder if we could go, and that led to a few Google inquiries, and then a few phone calls, and ta-da, we're on our way.

We've never been to the HOPE Bracelet First Pick Party, and that in itself just seems wrong. I'm too involved in the project to not be there for the big unveiling at least once. If I need to be practical about it - which I do - this is all work related, and can be written off as a business trip. But practicality aside, it sounds like a bucket of fun and I really wanna go!

So here we go. Are you going to be there? Please be sure to say hello!
Now back to work... lots to do before Friday. I'm posting beads today. Lots of beads. Ciao for now!


Jean said...

have a great time. xox

Michelle Across the Pond said...

Have a good time Kim !! ;o)

Wish I could go !!