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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

how to choose a violin?

Thanks for all the encouragement on my violin dream. It seems totally loco to me. Like I have any free time. Ha! Not a smidge! But I think if I get the violin, I will somehow find time to learn to play it. Now the big question is, How do I know what to buy??? Someone suggested that I not get anything too cheap, because it will sound bad and be uncooperative. That makes sense. But now what? There's no music store here, so online shopping is what I get. I've found everything from super cheap junior high school violins to a guy in Taos who makes them. I'll bet his are beyond wonderful, but also probably beyond affordable. Here's his site, in case you're interested
And one other site that looks possibly promising...
This one looks nice - her name is Gloria...

If anyone out there can direct me in some small, simple, easy to understand way, I'd be very happy to hear from you. Remember, I'm starting from zero. I have a whole new language to learn. Gosh, maybe I am nuts! But so? Bet I'm not the only one.

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Gwen said...

How fun! I played violin rather seriously for about 15 years--considered going into violin performance but changed my mind, for various reasons. I'd say right now, as a beginner, the quality of the instrument doesn't matter much. Just choose your budget and go for it. If you find you love playing and want to invest time and money into it, a quality violin is as individual as a person and sounds very different when played by different people. I would wait a couple of years before investing in a good quailty violin.

When I was a kid taking private lessons, we had recitals twice a year, and the students who seemed to have the most fun were the handful of adult beginners. Violin is a difficult instrument to master--some say the most difficult--but it will challenge you in totally unique ways, and make you smarter in the process. It's totally worth it. Have fun!