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Saturday, November 03, 2007

masked marvels

The best thing to do after a hard day like yesterday was to go to a really great party and hang out with our friends. Costumes are a tradition at this annual Dia de los Muertos/Poetry event. We spent some time with paint and glue over the last two weeks, and made ourselves some pretty fine masks, if I do say so myself. Both of theses started from plain white plaster masks we got at the paper store. Rick added to his with paper and spackle. I kept the basic shape of mine, and went crazy with lace, pearls, CZs, and silver. Pretty fun.

It was nice to be able to hide half my face, since I was still puffy from crying over the goats. Nobody noticed, and the party did our hearts good.

Someone asked why we're moving... at the moment, I really don't know. There are plenty of logical reasons... We're too far from family, who are all in Washington, Nevada, and California. Taos isn't Home. We feel finished here. We're gypsies at heart. We need/want to downsize in order to make our life less about work and more about living. If we do that, it might as well be in a place that's more convenient... blah, blah, blah.......

But right now, the truth is, it's really hard to set all these changes in motion, and then allow the inevitable feelings of loss that go along with change. The other side of that cheese is that loss isn't really loss as long as you let go. Then it's a choice made with open hands and an open heart. When we let go, it makes room for things we never imagined for ourselves to come in. Sounds like a lot of Taos WooWoo. I know. But it's true woowoo, and we trust it because it's always worked. Trust is more powerful than fear.

Thomas wrote a poem for us, which he read last night. (Again, I was glad to have the mask. More tears. He really got me.) We have a friend who writes us poetry. How many people can say that? Between that and the amazing soup Deborah made just for me (the oddball veg-head), it's enough to make me question this whole move. We don't have to go. Nope. We can stay if we want to.

We're still going... but I like knowing we can change our minds at any time. It's all about choices and trust. And I trust that friends will remain friends, no matter where we live. Isn't that marvelous?

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