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Saturday, November 10, 2007

feeling HOPEfull

Rick and I are in Denver this weekend. We attended the HOPE Bracelet First Pick Party last night, and I'm still floating on air this morning. Talk about inspiration... I came here feeling kind of tired and depleted, and I'm being filled to the brim in ways I never expected. I'm super-charged to give the Hope Beadmaker Challenge a kick in the pants, and to come up with new ways of helping. What we've done so far has done so much. It's truly amazing what beads can do. Magic! And it's easy. So stick with me here. I need your help too!

Think about the insignificance of one dollar. What does it mean to us here in the states? A bottle of water, a candy bar, a tip on a four dollar cup of coffee? Not much, right? In Ethiopia, that same one dollar will feed a child for the whole day, keep her in school, and give her a uniform to wear. One dollar can buy good nutrition, education, and self esteem. One dollar........

Most of you know me well enough to know that my brain is seriously storming right now. Ideas are everywhere. I need a little time to let them all simmer and settle and see what floats to the top. With a little help from my friends, we're going to do some really good things.

Today Rick and I are going to the Denver Art Museum. I expect more "refueling" to happen there. Tonight we'll meet with friends for dinner at the Samba Room. How cool does that sound? And now, a few pictures from last night. A fabulous party, tons of people, gorgeous bracelets, and one of the best meals ever, at Strings Restaurant, served to us by the owner himself. Boy am I "full"!


HollyC said...

I grew up just blocks away from where the Strings Restaurant is! I have loved this organization but have never been in Denver during the in person sale. I took advantage of the on-line purchasing. My niece will love the bracelet I bought.
Keep up the good work!

Jean said...

I a so glad you are writing about this important project, Kim!