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Sunday, November 25, 2007

silly email fun

Have you seen the goofy new things you can send by email? I'm having way too much fun with these... I'm sure it says something about my maturity level...

My favorite today is Elf Yourself. You load your own faces into up to four elves, and then watch them dance in the snow. You can also add your voice with a free phone call. I'm just cracking up here. This one should take you to Dancing Elf Kim.

If you're more of a humbug sort of person, you can opt to Scrooge Yourself... I'm just sharing - I didn't name it.

And if holiday silliness isn't your thing at all, try Monk-e-Mail. It's fabulous!

There you go. Share with your friends... but don't send them to me! I don't need a mailbox full of goofy video email, much as enjoy a good distraction!

1 comment:

Cathy in Oregon said...

Hi Kim,

Your first three links don't work for me... am I the only one?

I hate to miss the fun!

FYI, in my part of the world there is now Reindeer Corn. I'd never seen it before. Ugly sibling to Candy Corn; colored red, green & white. Garish. Still, it tastes the same and you're right, paired with almonds it's extra good.