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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

are you board?

After years and years of no way will it ever happen, Taos Ski Valley is opening the mountain to snowboards today. This is big news around here. And although I don't care a lot about this, I am interested in ch-ch-ch-changes I see all around me. Taos Ski Valley is just one example of changing minds in changing times. (Catchy. Yes, I came up with that all by myself.) Of course it makes good business sense to stop excluding the hoards of snowboarders who come to the area each winter. But I think it also makes good sense, in a broader way, to just stay flexible and open-minded. Never say never, and all that. I know it gives me a thing or two to think about. Maybe I'll talk about that later. For now, all you boarders out there, I hear the snow is bitchin'. Maybe Rick and I will head up there and check it out... or at least have some lunch.

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