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Thursday, March 13, 2008

spring break

Lauren and Heidi (our favorite wiener dog) are coming home for Spring Break today. Or tomorrow. I'm not sure yet. But I'm glad they're coming. Lauren, on the other hand, is not so thrilled. It seems most of her friends are going on fabulous vacations to warm and sunny climates, while she's coming home to possible snow storms and a week of work. Poor baby.

OK... I feel a teensy bit sorry for her. It's hard when everyone around you has what you feel you deserve. But then again, my own practical mind asks, why in the world does a college kid deserve a week in Hawaii? I can't imagine. Yes, school is a lot of work. Yes, they're tired of classes and need a break. But, helloooooo, I could use a little beach time too, and unless I come up with a way of paying for it, I don't deserve it one little bit.

My last real vacation was about ten years ago. I didn't "deserve" it then either because it took five years to pay off the credit card we used to get us there. We as a culture have been led to believe that we can and should have things we can't actually pay for. I'm horrified that I must have taught my kids that. All I can do now is set a better example. So there will be no pity for my poor little girl who has to pay her own way in this world. And who says we can't celebrate and have a Spring Break of our own right here? Tonight we're going all out. We're ordering fish tacos from the Guadalajara Grill. I think there's plenty of Pacifico and limes in the fridge. If we squint our eyes just right, I'll bet we can believe we're in Mexico. And we can pay cash.

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