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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Yesterday was the first beautiful, blue wind-free day all year. So instead of going to the Ski Valley (we don't ski anymore), we went to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge for a little hike along the rim, and a picnic under the big blue sky. Days like this are why we live here. They're the days that make me wonder why we're moving. But we haven't moved yet, and have no real idea when that will happen, so isn't it a good idea to enjoy every minute of it? I think we've both been on the launch pad for the last few weeks - not really being here, but wanting so hard to be there. So silly. What's the point? We might be here another year. We have no way of knowing. It's not really in our hands. Nothing is really, now is it?

Our picnic was sort of a celebration - of the beautiful day, the Equinox/Full Moon/Easter week, and of a big change in our little world... Rick got a job. It's no secret that the retail world is struggling. The economy sucks, or at least the government and media have us all scared into believing it does. I know that when I leave the TV off and just look around me, everything is fine. But the mirror of the economic fear that's spreading around the country shows up as record-breaking low bead sales for me.

It's discouraging, and also freeing. I don't need to work so hard, because nobody cares anyway. So there are picnic days, and longer mornings spent writing. The downside, of course, is there's not enough money. I've been the money-maker in the family for some years now, and it felt like a terrible failure to have to tell Rick he could no longer be my Lovely Assistant.

But there's always a bright side. He went right out and got a nice job at a local garden center. If he was home this time of year, he'd be playing with plants anyway. He loves to garden, so this way he'll get paid for it. Today is his first day. Very exciting. I sent him off with a nice, man-sized lunch, and I'll get to hear all about his Adventures in PlantLand this evening. My days will change now too. I have no real idea how just yet, but I know I'll be doing more cooking and laundry for myself. I'll have to go to the grocery store... ick!... and the post office, and might even talk to actual people sometimes. No telling where this could lead.

And beads? Yes, there will still be beads, and I still wish everyone would stop buying temporary comforts at big box stores, and save their extra pennies to buy actual art made by actual artists. China has enough of our money. But I can't change the world, now can I? All I can do is go outside now and then, look up at the sky, take a deep breath, and then go back to doing what I do, knowing that somehow, it's all going to work out fine.


Gail said...

Kim, Happy Equinox to you! I will be planting organic seeds that were harvested last year by a friend of mine, and a tree I ordered from the Arbor Day Foundation. I must say that the photos with your blog today are truly awesome ~ I've never seen anything like it, not in person. Thanks for always sharing these photos. I think that a picnic was a great way to celebrate. I'm glad you won't have to work so hard, but please...don't stop making beads! Gail

Anonymous said...

Kim, this is a comment about why your beads may not be selling as well. I have purchased a number of your beads in the past, and have always gotten many comments on how creative and lovely they are. But to be honest, the ones you have been making lately don't appeal to me and they seem to be a wrong turn on your beadmaking path. I am talking about the ones that have birds, faces, tapestry - whatever - embedded in them. To me, these look tacky and I am am always disappointed when I go to your bead shop and this is all I find in the way of focal beads and hearts. Take a look at the beads that you have featured on your home page - these represent the best of your creative abilities. And you don't even have one of your recent beads displayed there. Does this tell you something about how you feel about what you have been doing recently? You have a lot of talent in this area, but I can tell from reading your blog that you have been getting burned out on beadmaking for awhile. Maybe what you are making lately is a reflection of that. And maybe that is why they are not selling.

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Well, hmmm... I happen to love the new work. I think it's fresh and innovative, and well on its way to bigger and better things. New ideas and unexplored techniques need to be explored. The reason none of these are on my home page is it's a major pain to re-do all the photos. I like some of the old stuff too, but can't keep swimming in the same old bath tub... I think the real reason things aren't selling is because there's a lot of cheaper stuff out there. No matter that a lot of it's crap. People want quick comforts... just look at the hoards lined up to buy WalMart junk that will go in the garbage within a month.

Anyway, I appreciate your input, even though I do not appreciate "anonymous" comments. I'm here owning every word I say, and I wish everyone would do the same. Anyone else reading this, I'd love your input too. I go back and forth between doing what makes my heart sing, and trying to figure out what you all want. So tell me what you want. I hope it's not just more cheap crap. I think the world is already choking on it.

Jean said...

I love Kim's new beads and can hardly keep myself from hogging all of them!

Gwen said...

I think the new work is lovely, and different. And I think the reason people aren't buying beads is because they are worried. When we think about beads we don't worry, so I guess it makes sense that when we worry we don't think about beads. :( Too bad though.

Of course, your work changes as time moves on, and I'm sure people have liked one type of bead more than another type as things have changed along the way.

I am plotting a bead purchase in celebration of good things. I'm now a poor graduate student, though, and can't hoard beads like I used to be able to.

Michelle said...

Hi Kim,
I like your new beads, I think they're very creative and artistic.I just can't afford ALL of them !!
I agree with you about the cheap stuff that comes from China, its not good and won't last for years and years to come, as yours WILL and become 'family pieces' to pass down through the years and STILL be loved. I think 'anon' should own up to who he or she is, that was not brave or nice to say.