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Friday, March 14, 2008

thar she blows

The news predicted it, but I tried not to believe it... This morning the wind is blowing so hard I'm hiding in the office, all huddled up, far away from any windows. I don't like wind, ever since it knocked me down and broke me a few years ago. That had to be some strong wind to topple a goddess of my own personal proportions. Now I have a general distrust for wind of any sort. I don't even like fans blowing directly on me. Rick finds this very disturbing, since he's a big fan of fans. He likes to move the warm air around the house in winter, but I put the big oh-no-you-don't on that one. Chilly corners are fine with me thanks.

I'm hearing rumors of Springtime in other parts of the world. Some of you are even sending me pictures, which I like very much. Our own little buds are doing their best to pop through, but I think if they're smart, they'll wait till after Wind Season, which is apparently only just starting today. Watch out for the big trees. I know there are some dead branches up there.

Good thing we have Katy George to deliver flowers once a week. Katy Herself is in Paris right now, but her stand-in, Janay, is doing a fabulous job. Every Thursday she pulls up to the house with a car-load of fresh flowers. There's not a lot of spare cash around these days - don't we all feel that crunch - but since I don't have to drive to work, I figure $14 a week plus tip is cheaper than gas will ever be again, and I get fragrance instead of fumes. Sweet deal. My friend Sally-in-Seattle once showed me how to arrange flowers, starting with the small filler stuff, and then one by one plugging in the bigger blooms. I think of her every week when I do this. I also imagine myself to be a very Zen sort of Japanese Ikebana Designer, like in Lost in Translation. My arrangements are anything but serene and minimal, but still, I enjoy going into the zone for a few minutes on Thursday afternoons.

Spring will get here eventually. Until then, hooray for the flowers that meet me at the front door.


Jean said...

these are lovely! Jim loves flowers too and I actually wrote about his, just today!


Sally-in-Seattle says...Nice work...Quite spectacular.