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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

go outside

It's a beautiful, quiet morning here. No wind. No clouds. Even sort of warm.
After Lucy and Heidi did their usual go-outside-come-back-in-run-around-the-house this morning, Lucy decided she wanted to go out again. This is not normal, so I paid attention to what she was doing. From my spot at the kitchen table I watched her wander slowly around the yard, along the fence, and back again to her favorite sunny spot on the small step that's next to the hot tub. She sat there enjoying the sun long enough for me to think maybe she was on to something. So I got my tea and a book, went outside in my bathrobe, and sat on the edge of the step next to her. She was right. It was just the place to be.

We sat there together for a few minutes, listening to the neighbors go to work, the little birds having breakfast in the fir tree, and the ravens flying so low over our heads we could hear the whoosh of their wings. I assume she was listening too, and I even think she was reading over my shoulder. After a bit, she got up to check her fence lines again. But I stayed where I was, sunning myself like a dog with a good book.

This was the first morning of the year for Going Outside. To me, this is worthy of celebration. I might just take the whole day off and go outside some more.

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