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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

let's do lunch

Here I am! Since Rick started working at the nursery I've been even more busy than I was before. I'm starting to get the hang of the new schedule though. With luck I'll still find time to pop in here most mornings, after Rick heads out the door. I spend the first part of the morning shuffling into the kitchen about a half hour after he gets up. He needs his meditation time, and I need... sleep. So he makes me tea and toast, and a few minutes later, when I can be trusted with sharp objects, I make him a most amazing lunch. I think it's been proven somewhere that a sandwich tastes better if someone else makes it for you. And I just happen to be a Very Good Sandwich Maker.

Today he has ham and turkey and jarlsberg cheese with cranberries, lettuce, and wasabi mustard. He's gonna love it. And then there's the rest of it... grapes, apple, Fritos, cookies, almonds & chocolate, and granola bars, just in case he's hungry for a little snack. If I ate all that I'd be a big fat toad in about a week, but he's one of those Skinny People, and besides, they're mostly moving around trees in big pots this week. That's a workout I hope to never experience. I'm happy to be able to help keep him fueled up. I pack it all up in a cooler and send him off like a kid going to school. Bye Honey! Have a nice day!

And the best part is, he is having nice days. He really likes it there, and likes the people he works with. (If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and visit him at Petree's Nursery on Blueberry Hill) He's always loved plants, and has been frustrated by the growing conditions here in the high desert. I won't be a bit surprised if we wind up with a green house one day... Oooh! Fresh tomatoes and lettuce and herbs! I'll even help water!

I read someplace that if you want to change things, all you have to do is go outside and move a rock. It's true. When you change one thing, you change everything. No telling what will happen from here, but it sure does feel like all the doors and windows have been opened.


Jean said...

Jim is outside RIGHT NOW DOING STUFF TO OUR yard!XOX me!!!

Michelle, UK said...

I'm glad he's having nice days, lucky him outside in the nice Spring days (daze !!?)