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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

busy day

The big Realtor's Tour is today, so once again, I'm banished from my house for a while. It's OK. We buried a statue of St. Joseph in the yard yesterday, and now I'm kind of enjoying my time wandering around. I'm discovering some of the cool places to hang out, like Taos Java, which I've never been to until today. What a great little place, and they have wireless internet. I feel so... urban.

I also sort of feel like I'm in my own house. The decor is similar, and they have the same furniture we have in our dining room. Same beautiful recycled teak tables, and matching, very uncomfortable, chairs. They give me a backache when I sit too long, so it's good I only have about an hour or so to kill. Or spend.

Julia's on her way to meet me in a few minutes, so I can catch up on what she's doing these days. A little company will be great. And then tonight Rick and I are meeting friends and going to see Charlie Musselwhite at the Kachina Lodge. Should be a good ol' ass-skakin' time.

So that's my day, with a little bit of work in between. I made a killer silver necklace yesterday. I want to keep it, but I won't. Check my website in a day or two... I think I need to wear it tonight.

Scattered, scattered... talk to you later!


Dennis said...

Hi Kim!!
Glad to hear that you buried St. Joseph. He really came through for us last year in just a couple of weeks. but don't forget to say the special prayer when you bury him!
(upside-down in the direction you want to move). Good luck honey!!!

Anonymous said...

The squirrels have been known to rescue St. Joseph so keep an eye on him.