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Monday, April 14, 2008

we're getting warmer

The sun is back. Yay! We sat on the patio with our coffee-tea-toast this morning. Wonderful. Beyond wonderful. I am full of wonder...

Tomorrow is the big realtor's tour, where they pop around to all the new listings to see what's what on the market. Makes sense. If you're a personal shopper, you need to know what's in the store. But I sort of feel like I'm throwing a party for people I don't know, and who won't even let me join them. I guess I'm hoping to sell them on my house so they can sell it to someone else. Pretty complicated when I give it too much thought.

I had a Bad Yurt Dream last night... we had a small yurt to live in, but had to set it up in the back parking lot of a Chinese restaurant. People walked through our yurt to get to the restaurant, and we had to use the employee's bathroom in the back of the restaurant kitchen because we didn't have one of our own. The place came with crappy built-in furniture, tiny bunk beds, and the plastic windows were so high I could only peep out if I stood on my tip-toes...

I have to admit to having some Yurt Anxiety lately. Here we are, selling a beautiful, comfortable, solid house, and looking into moving to what is more or less a tent. Of course we plan to do the canvas yurt thing as a temporary start-up, so we can be mortgage free for the first time ever, and build a more permanent wooden yurt over a year or two once we get settled. But I say more permanent rather than permanent because I also know that nothing on this planet is permanent, including the planet herself. Don't mind me. I'm just having a momentary freak-out. I'll catch my breath in a minute.

I've been doing some yurt research this morning, to ease my mind. It's helping. There's a lot going on out there. Lots of people doing what we want to do, and lots of good information. I even found a yurt company in Santa Fe. Who knew! They make "portable" yurts with actual glass windows and solid-panel interior walls. I find this very exciting. Lattice walls don't really do it for me. They make my eyes go goofy and make me feel like I'm in a giant play pen. We're planning a field trip to visit the Santa Fe folks later this week. I want to see these yurts up close and personal. I want to touch them and sniff them and see if we can be friends (the yurts, not the people). We've put our wishes into motion. I think we'll know soon what we'll actually get. I know we'll get what we need. I wonder if we even know what we want.

Spirit Mountain Yurts in Santa Fe


Anonymous said...

You did it to me again!!! I broke a toe this weekend, and it hurts like heck, but I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned your dream about the "Yurt".

Thanks, Kim.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't you hate those anxiety dreams. I've not researched yurts because I think flimsy wall construction and instead have a fascination with straw bail walls. All that insulation is so Q U I E T and inexpensive to heat/cool. I found that to be the case with a new log house, too. No pipes gurgling, no electricity humming. I don't believe in log houses, but straw bail ones sure sound appealing. I have friends in Ashland that have recently completed one; if you would like to see theirs, let me know. Norine