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Friday, April 25, 2008

outta touch

Northern New Mexico has a major BIFF yesterday. In tech terms, that's a Backhoe Induced Fiber-optic Failure. Somebody got crazy with a digging machine in Santa Fe yesterday morning and just like that, everybody was cut off from the world. How odd when we're so used to being connected at every second of the day. Actually, I don't know why it doesn't happen more often. Imagine doing anything precise with a toy this size...

It wasn't too bad from my side of the cheese. I took a day off with Rick, and nothing terribly important happened while I was disconnected. But poor Lauren... she tried to call my cell phone, then tried email, them finally tried the house phone, only to be told it had been disconnected. She thought we'd moved without telling her! I'm a Mean Mom, but not that mean!

By afternoon the phones were back, but still no internet until today. So now it's a mad scramble to get back to everyone who thinks I disappeared. I'm usually so good at answering my mail, but not today. Sorry y'all! I need to get a few beads made this afternoon, and then I need to go out this evening... Yes I need to. I'll get to those emails tomorrow... no worries!

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