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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

happy earth day to you

Happy Earth Day! I think every day should be Earth Day if we want to keep living here, but at least we have this one little moment to stop and go, huh... maybe there's more we can do... I'm not sure how actually "green" it is to make beads out of trash-glass, but I'm really happy with the look of them at least. Don't you think these are the most beautiful garbage you've ever seen? These beads started out as a wine bottle!

And Happy BIRTHday to my niece, Kelsey! She was 16 yesterday. I sent her this necklace, made with auto-glass beads to give her some good juju when she gets her driver's license!

And speaking of recycling. I just found out about SolesUnited. They take old Crocs shoes, shred 'em up, and recycle them into new shoes that are donated to people in need around the world. I'm a big fan of Crocs already, but now I have an even better excuse to buy new shoes. when they're old and worn out, I'll turn them in and give them a second life!

Here's to our Mother Earth. Let's all do something nice for her today. And every day!


Anonymous said...

Nice fused chain, lass!
Kate McK

marymaryquitecontrary said...

Kim did you make the chain and the heart charm.? I do love this necklace. I have a ring made by kate; I admire her work also.

Kim Miles - Beadist said...

Thanks Kate! That means a lot coming from you! Yes, I made the chain, but not the charms. They came from CathyDailey's Etsy Shop.

Francoise said...

I love the "Earth Day" beads: they look beautiful and what a nice way to celebrate by recycling a useless bottle into such a nice nice nice set of beads... I wish they were mine, but eh, I can't have them all... Even though I wish I could!!! ;+)