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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

free betty

A friend handed me this postcard the other night. Pretty effective I think. I had no idea Helen Keller owned a Pit Bull. And Stephen Kilborn is an all-around nice guy, and well respected Taos Artist, so he lends some validity to Betty's plea. Still... I'm not sure I'd want to adopt a Pit Bull... I know a lot of people who say they're very sweet when treated right, but still, I have to admit I'm afraid of them. It's a safe bet that our own dear Lucy is part Pit, since she's a "Taos Trail Mix" dog, and they all have pit in them. In Lucy's case, it seems to be diluted enough by other breeds that it's not a problem... except for her odd little habit of growling and snapping at children. I do wish we could get her past that one, but we can't figure out why she does it. We need a Dog Psychic.

Thank Goodness Lucy likes Heidi-the-Wiener-Dog. We have happy news! We get to adopt Heidi in just a few weeks! Her Mom, Barb, who is the Kappa House Mom, is leaving Kappa and moving back to be with family in Ohio. She can't take Heidi with her, and asked if we might like to have her come to live with us. We're so excited! We love this funny little dog beyond all reason. And she and Lucy have spent many happy times romping and playing, so I know she's a good addition to the family. We'll pick her up when we go to Lauren's graduation in ABQ in the middle of May. I don't know what to be more thrilled about - my kid graduating from college, or bringing Heidi home to stay!

You know you'll be hearing lots more about both of these big events. Meanwhile, send some good thoughts Betty's way. I'm sure there are good homes for her and her friends. The trick is finding them, and I really hope they do.


Anonymous said...

I agree about pit ownership. I, too, don't trust them, dobermans or vislas; but I also believe that there should be some sort of screening process to match dogs and humans. I do love and have had Weimaraners and I know that in the wrong household, they are nothing but trouble. Daschounds can be nasty snappy little dervishes, but a well-raised one that has never been abused is such a joy. People who think they want a dog without the attending responsilibites of learning and being consistent with obedience training just should not have one. I pray that we have a more effective spay and neuter program in this county, too. Modesto has pit puppy mills and "sporting" dog fights that are disgusting at one level and heartbreaking at another. Oprah cannot say enough to awaken people to this problem. Thanks Kim for your conscience and being part of the solution. Norine

Nikki said...

Hello Kim,

I too have seen the good and bad in Pit Bulls. You see I am a meter reader for Utility. I have met Pits that are the most loving and delightful dogs, and I have met a few that are very very scary. I think the concern is this... if you have a nasty chihuahua, the most damage they can do is a few poke holes in your ankle. A Pit however has large muscular body and can inflict much more damage, as do any of the larger breeds. There is good and bad in all dogs. Not just one specific breed. If any dog is left to it's own devices, abused, trained improperly or ignored it is a nuisance to itself and anyone else it comes in contact with. Dog owners need to be responsible with and for their pets, Pit, Chihuahua or otherwise.(Steps down off her soapbox). :-)

stephen kilborn said...

Hello Kim

Thanks for posting the Betty postcard. I have a new one for a pit named Newman.

Pit Bulls are great dogs in the right hands. They are powerful dogs and can need more attention than some dogs.

If anyone would like to meet a nice pit or take a tour of Stray Hearts Animal Shelter to see some adoptable pits, just let me know. Or if you just want to know more about these dogs.

stephen kilborn