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Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of july - arroyo seco, nm

Well, I have to say, I think it's a lot more fun to be in the parade than to watch it. I've done it twice, and it was a total blast both times. The Arroyo Seco 4th of July Parade is a small one. Very small. But it's really a great little hometown sort of parade that makes everyone feel happy. There's a little something for everyone. And while this year's event was certainly on the political side, it was still all fun and friendly. I walked with the Obama group, and it felt really good to hear all the cheers and applause as we walked past the crowds. I had the unusual perspective of watching the watchers watch us, so I took lots of pictures.

Sure, there were a few boo-ers. That's to be expected. But the overwhelming show of support and love and hope more than made up for those folks. In fact, it did a lot to heal my dings and scratches from the recent cyber-rocks that have been thrown at me. I've known for a long time now, over a year, since people started to tighten up their purse strings, that I needed to think outside of the bead box and gather new customers from a bigger world. It didn't occur to me that I'd have to let some people go in order to make room for the new ones. But silly me, of course that's always the case. I'm reminded again that the only way for anything new to find its way into our hands is to leave those hands wide open. Things and people and houses and money will come and go. It's all good and just as it needs to be. I got a lot of attention yesterday with my fat strand of Obama Beads, and sold several right off my neck to people who were not "bead people". I'm beginning to find lots of these people, and they're telling their friends about me and these cool beads they've been buying. I have a feeling this is going to go big, and in the process I'll not only be able to help with something I really believe in, I'll also be finding those new customers I've been hoping to find for so long. How 'bout that.

Meanwhile, my heart is warmed, and my hope for this country restored. There's nothing like a town full of people with similar, and different views, getting together for some good noisy fun. Everyone played nice, and I have to hold the thought that we can all get together somehow and make a difference for the better.


Deborah Rael-Buckley said...

Kim, The parade photos do it great justice! It looks as colorful and fun as it was. Thanks for making it a great experience and sharing in the Obama support.
The photos show the many people who supported us and I was happy to have participated in it with you!

Jean said...

great show and WTG KIM look how beautiful you are!

Lori Peterson said...

Fantastic! Go-o-o-o-o-o Kim!

Gaela said...

It looks to me that you all have a very nice July 4th Celebration. Parades are great, no matter the size. And you go girl! I would have joined in the walk for Obama. BTW~ the tiny doll necklaces are just too cute!