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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

rio vacation

We don't get to take an actual vacation this summer, what with moving and gas prices and slow bead sales and all. So we go down to the old Rio Grande every so often, just to sit and relax and be "someplace else". We were there on Sunday, and settled into a nice little spot that had been under water the last time we were there. We had this terrific view up the river, and sat for a couple of hours as the rafters came in. Really quite wonderful. Look at all the people. Everyone from Texas tourists to local hippies, to the woman in the pretty sari that just happened to match the boats, to Cisco the River Man, in the black hat. I happen to know he's been running the river since the 60's, and he's also one of the best dancers in town. You want to learn to two-step, track this guy down.

And hey! Our house is now listed on CRAIGSLIST! Tell all your friends!

Back to work... I have a studio to clean!

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Ruth said...

Kim, I sincerely hope that your dreams come true (in a reasonable amount of time). Wherever you are seems to be the right place for you fortunately. I've already shared your wish to sell along with my wish to sell my brother's property in Depoe Bay, OR, to anyone willing to listen. Good Luck!