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Monday, July 14, 2008

plan b

Still waiting, waiting, waiting to sell the house. Not at all patiently, I might add. But since we have no control over our situation (who ever really does?), we're trying to stay calm, and keep planning for what we hope will happen. Planning can only get you so far, but in this case, it helps keep us positive. Someone is going to buy this house eventually. We still hope that will happen this summer, but it's getting late enough in the season already that we have to consider what we might do during the winter. The current Big Plan is to buy a travel trailer and gypsy around in it for a year. Sure, why not? It makes sense to take our time finding Home, and it would be so silly to try to rush and buy something in time to get settled for winter. Go ahead and tell me I'm crazy, and rattle off all the reasons this is a Bad Idea. I'll ignore you. I need to have some time to catch my breath, and some time to figure out what's next... if we have any say in it at all, which I'm seriously beginning to wonder about.


Linda in MI said...

I feel your pain...this housing market makes no allowances for individual plans. It is a good idea to give yourself time to check out possible home sites and when your house does sell you won't have to make a hasty decision and possibly regret it down the road. Look at this as your opportunity to be thoughtful in your choices and sure of your "plan". Go for it!

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

I think your Plan B is an awesome one! My husband and I often talk of "gypsying" about after the girls are grown and on their own. After all, this big ole Planet is our home, why not enjoy all of it!

All good things in their time, and your time will come as well. BTW, I love the graphic!

Take care my friend,
Penny \IiiI

Debbie said...

Right about the time that you give up is when something usually works out, right? Maybe not what you originally planned, but something different and awesome, I hope!

Hang in there, Kim =)

Debbie D in MO

Michelle in the UK said...

Oh Kim...I love your Plan b ~ only wish I could do it too !! I'd love to join you !! hee hee !! How wonderful. I don't think you're mad at all, I think you've the right idea, why not, you only live once (or is that twice) well, you're living your dream ! Good luck, go for it !!!

Ryan said...

You both are welcome to come stay in the yurt. I think being nomadic would be w great way to exporOregon.