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Thursday, July 17, 2008


... and the livin' is... hectic.
There's a lot more doing going on here than being. Certainly no fishing or road trips to the Grand Canyon. Not for now anyway. That's OK. I'm making progress in all sorts of areas, but there's really no time to chatter on about it. Who cares anyway? It's just life stuff. So today I'll give you a couple of links to sites you might enjoy. Not that I want you to spend your hard-earned disposable income on anything but my beads, but hey, I know there's more to life. So here you go...

There's a wonderful silversmith at Taos Pueblo, named Wings. Cool name. I wish I had a cool name. Anyway, I got a ring from Wings a few years ago. Actually, he gave it to me after noticing me trying it on several times over several visits. That's just too amazing, and so is the ring. I wear it often, and especially when I want to feel "lighter". We were out at the Pueblo recently with our Swiss friends, Nicole and Eric, and we took them to visit Wings at his shop. I pointed out a terrific silver-turquoise-coral bangle bracelet to Rick, and said something subtle like, "I like this. My birthday is coming up. This is a hint." And sure enough, he got the hint, and got me the bracelet for my birthday. What a guy! I always think it's best to buy art directly from the artist when possible. Visit Wings. Buy something. You'll be happy.
Wings Silver Work

And link #2 today... My friend and good bead customer, Peri, has a sweet little eBay shop. She sometimes sells jewelry made with some of my beads, but mostly she has clothes. Beautiful designer clothes at knock-out prices. She sent me a couple of things along the lines of this skirt, and I was really surprised and pleased at how nice the fabric is, and how, uh... forgiving these pieces are on a goddess sort of body like mine. We all need something new to freshen up the wardrobe now and then. Rather than make the department stores richer than they already are, I like to shop friendly. Peri's stuff is crazy-affordable, and it goes great with all my jewelry! Peri's Potpourri.

HiHo, I'm off! Happy Day to you!

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