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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

swiss beadist friends

We met Eric and Nicole at an ISGB Gathering a few years ago, and have stayed loosely in touch ever since. When they emailed to say they'd be in New Mexico this summer, we were thrilled. They've been staying with a friend in Santa Fe, and came up to Taos this past weekend to hang out with Rick and me. We had a blast. There was, of course, a little bit of studio time. No beadmaking actually, but I showed them some of my silver working tricks. In return, Nicole showed me a way of knitting that's far superior to the standard way that I learned, with all the awkward yarn-slinging. I'm sure lots of people know this simplified Euro-version, but it's news to me, and I'm squealing with delight over it. Honestly. I now have several projects going on at once, and all I really feel like doing today is knitting. But hihohiho, I think it's about time to get back to work.

Anyway, here are some pictures...

Rick, Nicole, and Eric on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It's 600 feet above the rio!

We had this bizarre idea to take our Swiss friends visiting New Mexico up to the ski valley to have a beer at the Bavarian. It was freezing up there, but we had those beers anyway, along with fresh, warm, salty pretzels, fries, and apple strudel. This picture of the four of us is terrible, but it's the only one I'm in...

A short stroll after our snack brought us to this beautiful, cold stream. We all decided if Nicole fell in, we'd pick her up downstream somewhere, rather than jumping in after her.

I'm hopping around with the sequence here. No matter. This was at the Gorge Bridge, when Eric went out to cut some sagebrush for smudge sticks. This raven came flying right over to him, and chattered and squawked for a long time. It even swiped his scissors and tried to take off with them. It was a friendly encounter, and very strange. Ravens do not like to get close to humans.

Here's Nicole, enjoying the wind. I think she enjoys almost everything. She's so much fun!

Rick and Eric are a lot alike. Both lovely, kind men. If we could clone them, we'd be rich!

Back at the bead ranch, Nicole walks the labyrinth and the rest of us relax on the patio.

We had such a great time. Wish they could have stayed longer. I guess we'll just have to go to Switzerland someday. We had a day of semi-quiet here, and then went down to Santa Fe yesterday for a quick visit with Rick's sister Vicki. We just had time for lunch and a lap around the plaza, but it was good to see her. More pictures!

Vicki and Rick on the plaza in Santa Fe.

Vicki and me. We look like sisters!

And no trip to Santa Fe is complete without a visit to the jewelry vendors outside the Palace Of The Governors. All of the jewelers are Native American. They come out here every day and arrange their wares on simple blankets on the ground. It's the best place in New Mexico to shop for jewelry, and you get to meet the artists too. Vicki bought some nice things for her two daughters. Yay for moms who travel and bring back presents!

And tomorrow... I think I'll smash some glass for you!

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