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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

well ok then

Have I said it out loud yet? It looks like we're staying in Taos for a while...

You know how it is. We're all in the same leaky little boat, bailing as fast as we can. (Anybody out there on a yacht? Please go to my website and buy some beads!) The good news, I guess, is that we're going to refinance the house, and it should go through with no trouble. The other side of that coin is, by refinancing, we're committing to staying in this house, and Taos, for at least a couple more years. So we took it off the market, but of course it's still unofficially for sale. You can still see is here, at least for now. But we're aren't desperate, and won't "dump" it in this crummy market, so we'll likely sit here with it until things improve, and then raise the price like crazy. We've been getting used to the idea for a while now, so it's not feeling like a total defeat. What we've learned is there's just not much use in making plans. Might as well just daydream and hope for the best. And really... there are worse places to be stuck.

Good news today - Rick got a job. He's working at the lovely Sagebrush Inn, doing.... we don't really know yet. They had him drive down to Albuquerque last night to scoop up some guests at the airport. He loves to drive, which is a good thing because they sent him back again this morning. I think they're going to have him do all sorts of things, so he can fill in where he's needed. That will suit him fine. And good help is so hard to find in Taos, these folks must be happy-dancing all over the place, wondering how they got so lucky. They are lucky to have him. He's awesome.

So here we are, again, still. OK. I can do this. At least we still have a house. Oregon will wait, or maybe we're supposed to do something else completely. Still can't see any farther than I can see... know what I mean?


Kate McKinnon said...

I was just thinking yesterday, when I read about Rick job-hunting, of the lucky business that would hire him. Can you even IMAGINE getting someone as competent, kind, funny, and all around excellent as Rick on your staff?

I'm glad the search was short and easy, and that they treat him right.

Michelle in the UK said...

SO glad to hear this ! Good luck Rick !!!
The hotel looks like something from an cowboy film on TV !!!!
Hope it goes well for you !!!

Francoise said...

Way to go, Rick! And it sounds like a fun job, you will not be stuck behind a desk in a windowless cubicule... Yuk! ;+)
I love the picture of the zen garden with your house in the background. As you say, Kim, so many things could be worse. This is the only smart way to look at all this!

Lynda said...

Hi Kim & Rick:

What a terrific picture of the Sagebrush. I love that place. When I first started going to Taos the Sagebrush was out in the country. Literally. There was noting around but...sage. It was several miles in to "town" from there. It was quite beautiful. Last time I was there was about 6 or 7 years ago. Congratulations on the new job. I hope you enjoy it tremendously.