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Thursday, January 01, 2009


This picture was actually taken a few nights ago, at Katy George's house. Katy is a hat maker who has lived in Paris. She is always fabulous. This little red hat was sitting on the table when we walked in, and it was just so perfect with my Ethiopian shawl. I wore it all evening, and borrowed it when we left the party to move on to another engagement at the Taos Inn. It's not normally what I would wear, but it was so much fun. I could become a hat person.

Last night we stayed home and had a super small party. Karena was the only guest. We played records (yes, records!), and talked and laughed all evening. A total blast. We're moving a little bit slowly today, but so far, this new year is starting off to be a good one. I don't have any idea what to expect, and even my fireplace wishes last night were vague. How can I know what I want? How can I plan for what I can't see? This year, for a change, I'm trusting the Universe to know what's best for me. An old Wendy Waldman song has been running through my head for days. It's called Back By Fall, and the line that's looping through my consciousness is, "Mama, mend the hole in my coat. Take my guitar off the wall. I've got to go see what I can do, and I hope I'll be back by fall..." Could this be a hint? A theme song for the year? Too soon to tell...

Here's to all of us having everything we need in 2009. Trust! Cheers!


Jean said...

Gosh! You look Beautiful!

snd Wow, Rick looks so handsome!

it was well worth it to head over here and wish YOU a Happy New Year!

I just love you guys SO MUCH!!!

Here is to 2009!

xox jean!!

Michelle (UK) said...

I love that hat on you Kim, you look lovely ! Hope you had a marvellous time !
Happy New Year to you all !!!