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Monday, January 12, 2009

who gives a knit?

It's shaping up to be a busy Monday, so I won't keep you long...
I have a ton of stuff to do today, but all the while, I'll be looking forward to the evening, when I can relax by the fire with my boyfriend (he's much too dreamy to call him a husband), and knit. I finished a lovely felted bag last night. Pink with little black Caviar Beads knitted in. It's drying in the bathtub at this very moment. So now I have the happy chore of choosing the next colors and design, and look forward to casting on those first stitches. It's an adventure, knitting is. And not just for little old ladies in rocking chairs. Knitting is sexy. Knitting is hip. Knitting rocks without a chair to help it.

So my question today is...

Who knits? Come on. Admit it. You're among friends. Look - you can even join the Facebook group called Knitting Is Sexy. I'm there, of course.


Jean said...

eee eee eee!!! I LOVE those colors!
I wish I could knit! my brain would love me to, but my lack of brain dominance messes me up every time I try! My mother ruled at it however!

Your bags are just stunning Kim, and I can't wait to see this one!

Diosa Domestica De La Locura said...

(raises hand) I love to knit, and even better than that, my husband loves to knit! Nothing sexier than a knittin' man lol.


Anonymous said...

I'm very lucky that my mom taught me to knit when I was a girl, thanks mom!

Knitting has been a part of my life for years and I love seeing knitted projects.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp

Allegra Smith said...

I knit, when time allows it and this year guess who is going to be in charge "of time to knit now" permits?
I am not so good at crotchet but knitting is fun, I taught myself when I was a teenager by watching an aunt who knitted faster than a machine, seriously. I don't think the woman ever saw a pattern she didn't like.

Now I am getting into felting too. Who knows where this slippery road will take me... Yeah, I call my husband my boyfriend too. When they earn that you know you finally kissed the last frog ;-)