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Saturday, July 14, 2007

and then, an evening at the opera

Maybe we didn't plan our time very well, but since we bought our tickets to see La Boheme at the Santa Fe Opera months ago, we decided to just keep going, forget about unpacking from the Grand Canyon, and head back down the highway to get some culture the very next day after coming home...

This was our first time at the Opera. How negligent of us to wait so long! I think they do things a little different here than say, at the "Met"... it's a well-established tradition here to "tail gate" before curtain time. People bring tables, fancy crystal, beautiful food and wine, and eat in the parking lot! Sounds weird. Is weird. But it was fun! I also had two amazing, fragrant flower leis, which my friend Sally had sent from Hawaii for my birthday. I wore them to the opera instead of pearls, darling!

Our seats were way up high, so we had a sweeping view of everything. At one point I noted - quietly to myself, of course - that it was really strange to be sitting there in Santa Fe, surrounded by the perfume of my tropical flowers mixed with the desert breezes that blew through the open-air opera house, listening to an Italian opera that happens to be staged in Paris, and watching it all through binoculars that were peering out at the Grand Canyon only one day earlier. Today I'm staying home, so I don't get any more confused!


Elle said...

Found you through West of Taos blog. Lovely writing. It's fun how small the world can seem sometimes, isn't it? The swank tail gate parties sound like fun.

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you DIVA kim of beads!!!!!!!! you look beautiful! and, i LOVE my african bead!! xoxo, joyce c.