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Friday, July 27, 2007

dogs and hats

Another day, another party... and another storm. Geeeeeeze, I'm getting tired of the Daily Downpour... The fluffy buildup is often quite dramatic, but then it just socks in and dumps buckets of water on our heads. We had to build a little doggy tent for Iris, since she's an "outdoor dog"... which means she's not house-broken. I don't get the whole idea of outdoor dogs. If they aren't pets that come inside, they aren't really part of the family, are they? So then what's the point of having them? This little girl is so sweet, and just loves all the attention we have time to give her. But we don't have time to potty train her by Sunday, so the tent will have to do.
Julia and her visiting-from-Washington friend Megan came over for dinner last night. Of course Julia's dog, Larry came along too... are you keeping count? Four dogs! I think that qualifies as a pack... And who knew that puppy love would enter into the picture? Larry and Heidi seem to have a crush on each other... awww, so cute...

The girls were cute too, in their new cow-chick hats. They won't do much to keep the rain off, but sometimes cute is enough!

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