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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heidi ho!

Lauren went to Albuquerque yesterday, and brought home a little surprise... Heidi! We all helped dog-sit this funny creature a couple of weeks ago, while her "mom", Barb, the Kappa House Mom, was on vacation in Alaska. Rick and I became very attached... we considered stealing her, but thought that might be over the top, so sniffed and pouted and let her go home. But it turns out that Barb is really busy getting the house organized for the return of all the girls, and thought it was terrific of Lauren to offer to keep Heidi for another week or so. Yay! Our little friend came back to the farm.

She was a pure City Girl before she met us. But here at camp, she's learned to romp with the big dogs, play with the goats, and who knows... she might even learn some crafts this trip...

So here we are... Heidi and the Goats... and Lucy, who's being very understanding. Maybe we should load them all in the car and drive up to the Bavarian Restaurant for lunch. Maybe I could even learn to yodel! OK.... I've wandered off... back to making beads... (did you notice Heidi's cupcake?)

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