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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Did you Fire The Grid this morning?

Huh? Bet most of you didn't hear about this global event that took place this morning. Because I live in Taos, one of the woo-woo centers of the Universe, it was practically front page news. There's a lot to read on the official web site, but to distill it down to a few drops for you, the idea was that people all over the world were requested to join together at precisely the same time, to send healing prayers/meditations for the planet. Many "miracles" of human scale are documented, based on the simple use of energy as a healing tool. Energy. We're made of it. It's all there really is. Look closely enough at cells and molecules of "solid matter", and all you get is a bit of stuff held together by empty space... energy. So it makes sense that directing energy in specific ways can cause shifts in energy. It also makes sense that if a group of people work together in this, energy shifts will be greater. So just imagine the possibilities if the whole world focused on the same healing intention for the planet!

Woo-woo enough for you? Yeah baby, this is the kind of stuff they used to burn "witches" for. But if this is new stuff for you, start asking around. I'll bet you hear a lot of stories you won't readily believe. Here's one of mine... Rick and I took the kids to Mexico for Christmas some years ago. On Christmas morning, Lauren and I were sitting on the beach in folding wooden chairs. She was happily sitting there eating candy, and sharing it with local kids who came around to see what the tourists had to offer. She tried to move her chair a little bit in the sand, and it collapsed with her fingers between the heavy wood sides. Since she was sitting in it, her own weight crushed her hands and kept her from pulling her little fingers free. It seemed to take forever for me to jump up and lift her off the chair. She was crying and crying, and I didn't know what to do. I sat her in my lap, and recalled a workshop I'd taken in Seattle on Therapeutic Touch. Because the "touch" isn't actually touching at all, I thought it was worth a try. I cupped my hands around hers, without actually touching them at all, and we just sat there for a few minutes. No special Secret Words. No Deep Thinking. Just the simple concentration and transfer of energy. Before long, she started to wiggle to get out of my lap. We looked at her fingers, and there wasn't a sign of any damage at all. She felt fine, went back to the candy, and never had any bruising or redness at all...

When I heard about the Fire The Grid plan, I thought, great idea, but I don't think I want to get up at 5:11 AM to join in. Lazy! Yes! I said - Hey, there's really no such thing as linear time, so any time I feel like sending my part will be fine. Well... I was pretty surprised when I popped awake at 5:08 this morning! Even more surprised when Rick woke up just moments later. Man, it was "loud" out there, and we clearly knew we were being requested to participate at the designated time! So what could we do? We stayed awake and sent out loving juju to our ailing planet, along with millions of other people who were doing the same thing at the same moment. Will it help? I hope so. I like to think so. The world has some badly crushed fingers, and I feel pretty humbled and honored to have been asked to help out.

Want to know more? Visit the Fire The Grid website. And remember to be careful what you wish for... that's energy, and where we focus it is what we bring into our lives. Good juju, my friends! Share the good juju!

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Lynda said...

Hi Kim!

Yes, I did Fire the Grid yesterday morning too. Thank you for writing about it, and sharing your story of crushed fingers.