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Friday, July 20, 2007

Fiesta Time in Taos

This is the weekend of the annual Taos Fiestas. It's a family time, full of fun, music, food, parades, and Taos Royalty. They've been doing this here for a long, long time, as you can see from the 1940 photo above. These days, it's bigger and more colorful than ever. And even though Rick and I don't really fit in with the local Hispanic culture, we never feel excluded, and so, we'll be on the plaza tonight too, listening to music, cheering for the new Queen and Princesses, and looking for something good to eat.

I'm in a bit of a blue mood since returning from the Grand Canyon, so I think a little time out in the noisy world will do me good, and maybe even inspire my work. One can always hope!

And here's a heads-up for you! I've decided to participate in my first-ever Studio Tour on September 15 and 16. More info later, but if you're pondering a visit to Taos, this would be a great time to come. There will be loads of terrific artists welcoming you to their studios, and I just might have a little party here that Saturday evening, which you would of course be invited to! Let me know if you're going to be here, and I'll work out the details soon..

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Jean said...

Kim: I gave you an award today! rock on! xox