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Saturday, July 28, 2007

odds and ends

The neighborhood is buzzing with noise this morning. Power tools and hammers and various working motors of all kinds. Rick pointed out that people who do the regular Monday through Friday, nine to five gig, need Saturdays to catch up on things around the old homestead. Even though I work and live and spend almost all my time on the old homestead, I still do my own version of catch-up on Saturdays. I make the last beads for the week, finish up silver work, allow myself to try some ideas that might totally bomb, and then try to knock off early to enjoy the evening and my one day off.

I'll add to that today by sharing some links here that have been tugging at my sleeve all week. I'll let them do the talking, so I can get a jump on the day. You might be interested, might not. Either way, have a great weekend yourselves!
First up - my sister, Jill, asked me to "vote" online for her young friend Karlee, who wants to be a "Warrior Girl" for the Golden State Warriors basketball team... I had to look it up, because I had no idea what a Warrior Girl was. But it was easy to vote, and I've met Karlee, and she's a good kid, so if you want to help her get the job of her dreams, just follow this link, and Vote For Karlee!

Next - this is cool - Rick visited this place the other day, looking for some new "green" technology we might use in our new place in Oregon. Boy did he find it!
Check out This place is in Taos! I had no idea!

And last up today, something of social and political importance. Beadist friend, Nancy, sent this to me. I have to admit my ignorance on the subject. I barely pull my head out of the studio... this is a simple-to-sign petition asking Taliban officials to release South Korean aid workers who are being held hostage in Afghanistan. This world makes me just crazy... why, oh why can't people just be their best, instead of their worst? Here's the site - Two seconds to sign. Thank you!!!

Now go get some weekend!

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