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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So far, I'm having a great year. Rick and I went snowshoeing yesterday. You see the best stuff when you go outside and play. We drove up HWY 518 about 15 minutes from our house, and then walked in on a Forest Service road. The view was gorgeous. And look at the cute little curly bit of snow on the rock. I've never seen anything like that before, and I've seen a lot of snow!

Later today... the pictures got messed up, and when I tried to fix it, I lost the second half of the text. Grrrr...... I'll put it up again tomorrow. Have to re-write the whole thing...


Anonymous said...

Great words to live by.

None of the photos on todays blog are viewable to me. Can anyone else see them?

susan said...

That curl of snow would look good on a cupcake!

I tried off and on to see the blog but didn't get through until 3:27 am.

I was up beading again.

Beadily yours