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Sunday, January 14, 2007

This was a first. The first time one of our kids invited us over for dinner. About time! Julia and Rick live just around the corner from us, along with Rick's son, Jake. We went over on Friday night for a fabulous seafood bisque served with corn cakes and roasted tomato salad. Big Yum! It was actually the first time I'd even see the house. It only took... well.... several months... I'm polite. I wait for invitations. And I never want to intrude on our kids' lives. I think there was a certain intimidation factor... It all had to be just right to pass my inspection. HaHa! Guess she wanted me to know she's progressed from her "decorating style" back in high school. I'll say! The house is adorable. They've done a great job. And the food was terrific... hope they invite us over again soon! (and I hope someday I figure out what to do with my crazy hair... could it get any bigger???)

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Michelle said...

Kim, what a lovely photo !! Glad you all had a good time ! You know your hair is like mine, naturally curly, I went through a whole number of products before I found one that suited me. It always me how it would go frizzy in the rain. But then I found this, its John Frieda's hair serum, hope you can get it over there, if not I will send you a bottle, it is amazing stuff !!
Lotsa luv, Michelle/England