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Sunday, February 17, 2008

feeling better

Thank you all for the nice emails and good juju sent my way yesterday. The bug I had appears to have been the 24 hour kind, and I'm much better today. I'll take it easy, but don't feel the need to stay in bed. This reminds me of what we used to call "the flu" when I was a kid... the kind that kept you running to the bathroom for major cleanouts in all directions, if you get my drift... These days, "flu" had come to mean something different, more like a super intense cold that knocks you flat for weeks. Thankfully, I don't think I got that, and I don't think a flu shot (which I've never had, and don't intend to have) would have saved me from this one. I think I needed a day of power-lounging to clear my head and body of old junk.

More and more I find myself looking at and bringing up the energetic implications of things. Such major changes are happening all around me. Not only to me, but to almost everyone I know. And in the midst of all this chaos, I feel safe.

A friend sent the following yesterday. Makes sense to me.

Unblock me. Open me up.

Some of the people with flu symptoms don't actually have an infection. The flu-like symptoms mask what's really going on: the New Energies are clearing out old and useless energies. If we can give ourselves permission to have the flu then the clearing will happen more easily. I know, I know: Easier said than done. We all want to feel better. If you have the "flu" do what you think you need to do.

AND instead of fighting them, welcome the New Energies in.

Here's the latest New Energy:

commence your quest
have confidence
sits in the north-northwest at 11,143 Hz
arrived 2/13/08 2:32 pm MT

While I was here welcoming the New Energies, Rick was wandering around southern Oregon, looking at land for sale. He sent a video of one he really likes. Looks good to me, from here at least. I'll wait and show you what we buy, when we buy it. The move to Oregon is feeling very real. I'm excited! And a good dose of "fortitude" can't hurt either.

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Jean said...

you are just super! glad you are better!

all love,