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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This is where I spend the first part of my mornings while Rick is away. The dining table by the big windows. I check mail, blog if I'm feeling bloggy, and eat a little breakfast. I also gaze out the window quite a bit, which might look like daydreaming to some, but I prefer to call it "contemplation". I'm practicing looking out the window at things I've seen a million times, and seeing if I can see them this time with fresh eyes. Look. Look again. Then go back and look one more time. Things start to change.

Today I have a particularly nice feast. Thomas brought me some scones yesterday, that he made with his own two hands, and a lot of heart. They have chocolate in them, and they have just the perfect moisture/crumble ratio, which is tricky to achieve at our 7,000 foot elevation. They're so cheery and perfect with tea and oranges (that are probably not all the way from China). Men who bake are to be cherished in this world. Sure, lots of men have hobbies, passions, and pastimes that they're willing to share with their friends, and we should always applaud those generosities. All I'm saying is, I very much prefer a warm foil-wrapped bundle of scones to, let's say, a taxidermied duck or a six pack of murky home brew.

I enjoy these mornings by myself. I've actually enjoyed this whole week by myself. It's something I don't get very often, and I was really feeling the need for some quiet time alone. It's been good for me. Even getting sick was a huge gift, and now I feel really good. I think I have my balance back. Rick is coming home tomorrow, and our mornings will shift back to our normal routine together... or maybe into a new one that includes a little more window time for me. It's a big table I'm sitting at. Lots of room for both of us. And if you look down to the other end of it, you see I'm holding Rick's place with the sweater I finally finished for him. Shh! Don't tell! I want to surprise him. And don't look too close. There are plenty of mistakes, believe me. But it's my first sweater, and I know he'll like it just because of that. He might even wear it. And I'm pretty sure he wouldn't trade it for a stuffed duck.


Jean said...

I love this post. I love your breakast, amd I LOVE your sweater! what a wonderful person you are!

Francoise said...

Hmmm, I feel like sitting at this nice table to have breakfast and watch the birds and the world outside... ;+)
The sweater looks great too, congratulations: the imperfections (not that I can see any!) are exactly what make it unique and precious.